As one becomes older the body's natural testosterone levels begin to drop which leads to a decline in muscle mass, bone density, strength, and an increase in body fat.

Working with heavy weights as is required in powerlifting and weightlifting combats the decrease in testosterone and loss of bone density, which is more common in older women than men.

At THE BAR age is just a number and besides the health benefits of lifting heavy for older adults, we also value our Masters lifters as competitive athletes just as much as our younger lifters.

Because our programming is individualised we consider the individual needs of our Masters lifters, whether it be mobility issues, longer recovery times or being more injury prone and therefore needing more rehabilitation-type movements built into their programs.

To find out more how you can start lifting with us, get in touch now for a chat with one of our coaches.

For a bit of extra motivation, watch the short videos of Master lifters.



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