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South African powerlifting deadlift record rankings

The deadlift is the final of the 3 lifts in a powerlifting competition. It is often the most exciting part of the competition because it usually decides the final placings and where strategy comes into play.

The squat used to be regarded as the king of all lifts, however, with the number of huge deadlifts impressing us on the competition platforms and on our smartphone screens, the deadlift is gaining ground on the squat very fast.

We even have our own deadlift superstar here in South Africa! If you've been in the sport long enough you will remember the electric atmosphere in the Elgro Hotel hall in Potchefstroom at the 2014 World Championships, when Harry pulled a massive 305kg deadlift in the 74kg bodyweight category for a new world record! Unfortunately it was broken again by the next lifter but it was a world record none the less, and it secured him a silver medal in the deadlift and an overall bronze medal finish. As far as we are aware, Harry is the only South African lifter to have podiumed in the Open age category since Classic powerlifting started in the IPF.

His record still stands today.

Take a look at the women and men open deadlift record rankings below.

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