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Do your goals inspire you?

The start of every year is traditionally the time for setting ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. However, as athletes we set goals. Here are a few of our thoughts to consider when you set your goals for 2023:

Although we believe goals should not be ‘pie in the sky’, we do believe that goals should be outside your comfort zone; a challenge that should get the butterflies fluttering in the stomach from excitement and nerves.

Your goal(s) should be BIG enough to inspire you to show up even when the going gets tough and motivation is simply a word sitting pretty between motion and motive. Because if there is one thing you can count on, it is that things won’t always go to plan and you will have obstacles in your way which will slow down progress or even block your way completely so that you will have to turn around and start from ground zero. But you will do it because your goal is BIG enough to inspire.

The purpose of a goal is therefore not necessarily to achieve it but to inspire you to:

  • believe that you are capable of more,

  • be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone,

  • navigate the obstacles with grace and

  • accept the victories with humility.

Wishing you all an inspired 2023.

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