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Why do you still lift - at your age?

Hi. My name is Antoinette. I am almost 52 years old and I train and compete in powerlifting. Recently someone asked me the question "Why do you still lift at your age?" At first I was offended but then afterwards I thought it is actually an interesting question - one which I then posed to others who are over 35 years of age and still lifting. This is what they had to say ...

Michelle (37) ... I started weightlifting because I wanted to learn the correct technique and challenge myself mentally and physically. It helps me to stay fit, get stronger and it helps to improve my crossfit.

Ricky (54) ... I do weightlifting for general fitness of my body and so that I can still move when I am older.

Mike (40) ... I love going from work to the gym and switching off and doing something else that I love that challenges me mentally and physically ... I couldn't imagine doing anything else and I will continue doing weightlifting for as long as I possibly can because it brings me so much joy.

Chantelle (41) ... Olympic weightlifting is my therapy session - FOR REAL!! I have two busy boys, don't drink alcohol, so it's lekker to go blow off some steam with heavy weights!!

It's also lekker to be strong so I don't have to ask someone to help me carry or move something heavy :) I know I'm also investing in my body for a stronger and healthier future and I love how weightlifting has shaped my body!

Bonita (53) ... I have always been a busy body. Played netball into my 40s, ran a few half marathons and liked playing touch rugby with the boys.

When I was introduced to crossfit, I fell in love with how tough it was and the support we got. The friends you make on this journey are the best - good, healthy bodies and relationships. I started doing extra Olympic weightlifting training and competing in my age group. It is tough but very rewarding.

Bonita is in fact off to compete in New Zealand in March at the Masters World Cup!!!

So, a real mixed bag of reasons as to why folks choose to lift into their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. Besides the health benefits of lifting weights, there are also social benefits, psychological benefits and above all the benefit of continuing to do something you LOVE.

Weightlifting and powerlifting will not necessarily appeal to everyone but I think the take-home message here is to keep challenging yourself for as long as you are able to do so.

Do not let a number be your limiting factor.

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