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Biggest SQUAT in SAPF

In the run-up to SA Powerlifting Championships happening end of March 2022, we have decided to draw up ranking lists for the squat, bench, deadlift and total, according to IPF GL points, in the SAPF.

Since we do not have access to ALL competition results, we will be using the latest records only and we will be using the top of each bodyweight category for weight since we do not know the bodyweights of the athletes at the time of setting each record. For the super heavyweights (84+ and 120+ categories) we will use the actual bodyweight of the athlete.

We will start with the Open age category for men and women and then move through the age categories after that, starting at the sub-juniors.

This week's rankings list the women and men Open squat records from highest IPF GL points to lowest:

Please note any mistakes are not deliberate. If you let us know, we will correct any mistakes immediately.

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