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What would you need to beat the best benches?

The bench is not the 'sexiest' of the three powerlifting lifts. And many, especially women, dismiss it as an important lift to get strong in because it doesn't win competitions.

Here at The Bar we disagree with this view.

Firstly, take Jennifer Thompson for example, arguably the best female bencher out there. Although she doesn't have a bad squat and deadlift, they are not super good, yet she has won numerous national and world titles because of her phenomenal bench.

Secondly, even though the bench might not necessarily win you a title, it still contributes to that all-important total and a lagging bench can definitely lose you a title.

So, here is a bit of inspiration for your bench goals: take a look what you would need in your weight category to beat the best female and male benches in South African powerlifting.

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